Kill For You - The Short Film Cinema Screening is a once in a lifetime experience in one of Hamburg's most beautiful cinemas. This is the only time this music video short film will be shown on the big screen, so make sure you grab one of the limited tickets before they all go!
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You will be getting an exclusive preview of Ivel's upcoming music videos: "Kill For You", "Don't Fuck With Me", "Copy Cat Killer" and "Pray". Together, they form a short film, telling a story of love, loathing and longing.

We're starting the screening with an aperitif at the venue. Then you will be invited to take your seats and witness a heartfelt tale about love, fear and finding yourself. The screening will be followed by a little after party where we can all grab a drink and toast to the amazing team that has made this project happen.

This premiere is completely free of charge. It is a day for us to celebrate our hard work and see the beautiful results together. So grab your friends, come along and celebrate this big day with Ivel and her wonderful Team.

UK 2023
ab 16
Jan Koks, Ivie Bello-Osagie
David Mullikas, Inola, Ivie Bello-Osagie